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Hi - I'm Geraldine
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Invest in Your Chest !!

It is really worth investing in a decent sports bra - especially if you have larger boobs. Taking care now will help them stay firmer in later life.
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The Coopers Ligaments

Protect Your boobs

Why you need sports bras - the 
Coopers Ligaments
Why you need a good sports bra
Briefs for Horse Riding

Saddle Pants

Specifically designed for riders - these saddle pants are extra comfortable
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Sports Bra Size Calculator

What size Bra do you Need ?

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  1. DO: Make sure you know your size - sports bras a sized in exactly the same way as your normal bras
  2. DO: Think about the type of exercise you will be doing and make sure you know go for a bra that provides the correct support for your activity
  3. DON'T: Wear your normal bra to exercise in - you will end up damaging your breast tissue
  4. DON'T:  Wear a Moderate support bra for high impact activies - you will end up damaging your boobs
  5. DON'T: Wear a Maximum support bra for lighter activities - you will find it uncomfortable